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Ronda - Málaga - España
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Frequently Asked Questions

Rio genal 2016-Can I pay with credit card?
Yes. You can by credit card and also pay by:

  • Reservation system of our page

  • Credit card on the day of the experience (except American Express)

  • Cash upon arrival

  • TopBuggy Gift Cards

  • PayPal (prepayment)

  • Yumping, Viator

  • Some other coupons. Andaluz Card is also accepted

IMPORTANT NOTE: For early bookings we ask for a small downpayment on account to guarantee your reservation.

-I am less than 25 years old but have many years driving experience. I can drive?

The minimum requirements established by our insurance company to be able to drive a buggy are 25 years and minimum two years license without exception. We are trying to reduce the minimum age, but for now its still 25.

-I want to rent a buggy without a guide.

Sorry. We do not rent out buggies unguided.

- Can we change drivers during the route?
The driver is the same throughout the full trip. If you want to change drivers a surcharge of 15€/driver is to be paid regardless the contracted trip.

getting dirty at TopBuggy-What do I need to take with me and what do I wear?
We recommend suitable clothes for each season. In summer sunglasses and solar protection are a must. Bathing suits and maybe a towel are also recommended as on most trips you can have a dip in a pond or river. In winter and cold season, warm and preferably waterproof clothing is very recommended. If you wear contact lenses if you can change them for normal glasses much better. If you can't please ask for the sealed protective goggles. Take good notice that we are in Ronda. We start at +800 meters and we move between the 600 and 1200 meters depending on which trips. It is a mountainous area, this is not Marbella or Cadiz nor Seville and the temperatures lower. It can be cool even in summer especially on the longer trips. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE WITH FLIP-FLOPS. If you want to take them because you plan to bathe in one of the rivers or ponds, fine but definately not to drive. Note that you can even be fined by traffic police should you do so even in your own car, so you are warned!

"Am I going to get dirty?"
Except for the Gorge and Gorge XL trip, you are probably going to get stained or even wet almost for sure, either with dust water or mud, so please come prepared. We only have emergency (rain) ponchos... so resuming... yes you probably will get dirty. A Polaris RZR is a totally open vehicle so you are most likely to get dirty and/or get wet. Ofcourse this depends mainly on the desire to have fun. It also depends on the trip you have chosen, time of the year, and weather conditions.

We insist on advising you to bring warm clothes in winter and if possible also waterproof. Some spare/replacement clothing isn´t a bad idea if you are staying for lunch or visiting Ronda afterwards. We have shower facilities so the worst can always be removed here. Please, we dont want to scare you, but again this mainly depends on how you drive, but the vast majority gets excited and doesn't miss a puddle...

- Can I choose the buggy?
The buggies are all pretty much the same with similar performances. By the time you arrive the guide will have the vehicles ready. Usually our clients organize themselves with the buggies when there is more than one couple/family. Even then, the first one to arrive is the one that has most choice.

-Can we have a private trip (just our family without others)?
If it is for a single buggy we can not guarantee unless a surcharge it but with groups of 4-5 buggies, we promise you we will do our very best to do them privately whenever we can.

-I have my own camera to record the route can I take it?
Ofcourse! Some buggies already have the Gopro-type fixtures.

-If it rains, does the tour/trip operate?
That totally depends on you. We do not mind getting wet (in fact we like it). Should you NOT want to do the trip we need to know a minimum of 2 hours prior to departure.

-I have booked and paid an advance. If I can't go do I lose the money?
If you notify us the day before, it's not a problem. You don't lose the money as we defer/reallocate you another day and trip. Should you request a refund the following table is applied:

  • 10 days prior to activity 100% refund
  • 10>5 days prior trip: 75% refund +10€ handling fee

  • 50>2 days prior trip: 50% refund + 10€ handling fee
  • Less than 2 days before trip: no refund.
  • Any refund will be returned the same way as received except international transfers that would be done by paypal.

- What happens if I'm late?
First of all we expect you to be on time. We always adress our participants to be at our facilities at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time. We have a courtesy complimentary/delay time of 10 minutes after scedule. This means that if the sceduled time is at 11.30 AM, we will wait until 11.40AM. If you don't notify us before the sceduled departure time about being late or you cannot make it to our facilities by that time, we start the trip without you and lose any downpayment that has been done. If you have had any issue on the way and notify us a little before and do not exceed more than 10 minutes we will wait for you. Keep in mind that you might go out with other people and we dont like to have clients waiting. Suppose you wouldn't like to have to be waiting either. It will only take you a rough 10 minutes to get here from the centre of Ronda.

-I have no car. I'm coming by Train or Bus How do I get there?
If you don't have a car to get here, let us know and we will arrange the pick up/return to Ronda Train Station/Bus/Hotel.

-Are there many driving rules?
Driving rules can be viewed here. We make sure they are not taken for granted, so please behave if you don't want to spoil the experience for yourselves and others.

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