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Your Nr1 Andalucía Buggy Safari in Ronda, Málaga. 

We provide you with the best quality and most exclusive EEC roadworthy and licensed high power  Go-karts/Buggies you can get hold of in Spain.                            

  • We offer exclusive offroad guided buggy trips in the Serranía de Ronda area, visiting different monuments, wineries and taking you to some breathtaking views
  • A completely new way of visiting both "on" and "off-road" cultural, nature conscious touristic spots round the Serranía de Ronda.
  • Our trips are great fun, very bright, attractive, radical and are a great driving school.

High power machines with engines of 500, 800,900 and 1100 cc

Sensations are much different than any that maybe expected if a quad or ATV has been driven before.

With most of its weight on the rear axle (aprox. 70%) its manouverability is very special and great fun:

  • Ease of drifting when you want to so
  • Go almost anywhere without needing 4x4
  • Have a great general performance with a safe feeling

As there is no ABS, ASR nor anything similar, the buggy responds to your commands, giving you full control of the power, without having any electronics interfear.

The direct import of our buggies without trading nor 3rd party companies in between the manufacturer and us makes the retail price much more affordable to the final costumer, without having any reduced service on spare parts nor warranty.

For some visitors, our offer might be poor as we only offer few different makes with some models, but we offer high value for money.

If you want an affordable high-power, top-of-the-range Buggy/Go-kart and don't want to end up being disappointed because of poor or no after-sale, spares or warranty, and you want to avoid running into problems, you are on the right spot at 

We don't pretend to "just sell" a buggy, but also keep you as a long term client.

Prices too low to be true? Not really. Our sales policy is very simple: don't abuse. Tag correctly. Small margins, for large quantity yearly sales. All is crystal clear.

Can't make up you mind? Come and have a go !! (*). You are going to love any of the models we have. High power output, high torque, and excellent Kg/Hp make these machines the perfect tool to burn adrenaline.

Interested in doing part of the assembly by yourself?, is a direct importer. We can offer clients with a bit of mechanical knowledge the opportunity to purchase any model "in box" (85% assembled). "In box" is also the only way we ship out of Spain. They can be purchased either "in box", assembled, assembled + ITV (Spanish MOT), or fully registered with Spanish, normal licence.   

If purchased "in box" some mechanical knowledge is necessary, although plain common sense is normally more than enough. Full assembly instructions are always included. They are all but difficult to fully assemble, but its not only limited to tightning a few bolts and screws. Once assembled, some minor adjustments and re-torques of some bolts and nuts will have to be done after the first few miles. In all cases buggies delivered with full documentation to licence in any EEC country.

(*) Test drive are always done being accompanied by a Topbuggy person.. Driver must have at least 21 years and 2 years driver's license..

All photo' and videos on this web are property of Grupo Enymova, S.L.

They cannot be used, manipulated or copied wthoutvthe owners consent. Should you find any of them on a non web, please inform us.

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